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The Three Biggest Fitness Mistakes People Make

Do you want that awesome body that seems invincible but would prefer to not get off the sofa to do it…because the idea of exercising at the level you think you need to is FREAKING YOU OUT?

Who’s ready to not make the classic mistakes we all do that stop us from getting the win?

I am, that’s for sure.

After all, it feel pretty incredible and empowering to keep up with your kids, or even better, with the teenager who wants to kick your ass. Best of all, it feels pretty awesome to be in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond and be able to fully participate in life…YES?

Did you know that great fitness should take up less than 4% of your entire 24 hr day. That’s actually nothing! Less than an hour per day…

Perhaps I should qualify and define fitness. Because I know right now you are huffing and puffing just thinking about the idea of fitness.

Here’s how I see it.

Fitness is the combination of feeling vibrant and energetic + the ability to count on your body to move in ways you would like it to = living life the way you would like and enjoying it along the way. Fitness encompasses your physical and mental well-being and it means doing things you actually have fun doing.

It is not an uninspiring-mean-hard-ass workout where you feel like dying. It is not complicated. But, fitness is needed to have an awesome life; we were designed to move our bodies.

Are you putting up a ton of ‘I can’t’ excuses in your mind like I have done?

Oh man, I have used a ton of excuses because I have had a ton of health challenges. For instance, I have lymphedema. My legs and ankles get swollen. They get sore on occasion and I get to wear compression garments every single day.

It is not a sexy look to me and it has taken me years to accept the reality of my situation and look at it from a new angle.

I have used lymphedema as an excuse to not be proactive and take charge of my body in as many ways as I can. I told myself ‘I can’t do x or y or z’ which only made me feel POWERLESS. The result: even less mojo to take care of myself.

That sucked and I had to look in the mirror one day, give myself a pep talk and change my thinking and actions.

You see I made all the classic mistakes that everyone makes (and I was an athlete in school!)…

  1. We think we can do it on our own…and it’s not the same path to fitness when you are in your 40’s that it once was. Things have changed so using the old methodology and plans will only lead to failure.

  2. We get overwhelmed. We overly focus on the Mt. Everest before us and then we say ‘NEVER MIND- this will never work for me’.

  3. We get on a program and then we miss a day (or two or three) so we QUIT…

All of these are true and experienced by people of all walks of life.

What then is the answer? How can we get fit, enjoy the process, and also have the motivation to make it happen?

A few suggestions…

Get a dog. If you do nothing else all day you must take it out to go for a walk.

Of course this is not always practical (and maybe you don’t like dogs) so here are some other excellent and doable solutions for you – the optimizer.

It is proven that if we get support and a plan on what to do that is tailored to us… then we will stay engaged and move things in the right direction. You are unique and have very specific needs. What works for someone else will not necessarily work for you.

So make it personal and get some help to figure out what will work. A pro will take into consideration your lifestyle, your current health situation, likes and dislikes, and create a plan that is aligned with the outcomes you want.

Next, break that plan and your expectations into bite size pieces. A great time period to work in is 90 days (we can all picture 90 days into the future). Set goals for 90 days out and work backwards from there.

Then go forward one day at a time and build your routine – each day you will get stronger (heck, I measure my hikes sometimes and set my sights onto just getting to the next tree up the hill- LOL).

Lastly, (and this is probably the MOST important thing I could write to you aspiring-fit-person). If you MISS a workout or a walk or a class or an anything it is not a big deal. It does not make you a failure. When missing matters is when you miss a month, and then another month…

If you miss a day or two…Do not be discouraged, berate yourself (this destroys your mental health), or play catch up by doing double the next day. Doing a three hour workout to make up for lost time is the fastest way to injury and despair.

Simply pick up where you left off and steady on…! One foot in front of the other. This is crucial because there are always life events that will take us off our routine. Our job is to keep moving forward and start with baby steps if that’s what it takes.

For instance…did you just have an operation/were sick/got so out of shape that you feel like a sack of spuds? Start with walking to the bathroom. Then a few days later head down the hall. Then get yourself outside to the sunshine. Just keep stacking and moving forward.

When you can approach your fitness in these three crucial ways (the dog is a bonus fitness maker)…You will be triumphant! You will be able to adjust and will enjoy the process.

Can you imagine what that day will be like when you realize you are feeling and looking fantastic? Plus the workouts and activities you are doing are sweet moments of satisfaction?

Can you imagine the boost in your confidence when you can block that hit from the sassy 20-something on the volleyball court (moments like that are motivation for months – believe me!)…?

Can you imagine being clear of mind and your brain is functioning at top level because of the care you have given your body?

It rocks and you can make it happen. If I can, you can. Everyone on our team has also overcome a major obstacle in their personal fitness journey. We understand the battle.

Connect with us so we can help you get exactly what you need. Book a FREE Clarity call or get yourself into our 21-day FREE Power up Health Challenge (stay tuned for details)…

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