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What Do You Still Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Is Fear Controlling You?

In the background of our souls, we often fear this: our mistakes or failures will ruin us. Well, there’s an old saying which says, “What you fear controls you.”

None of us likes to think that we can be controlled or that we are being controlled, right? But, the truth is that we all have thinking, beliefs, habits, seemingly unmanageable actions, or attitudes which control us if we let them.

For instance…

  • Maybe those bread and chips are getting the best of you and you didn’t ever think that you’d be wrestling with a weight problem…

  • Maybe you are constantly worried there’s not enough money and you are destined for financial ruin so you keep taking the overtime and your family life is falling apart…

  • Maybe you are torn between taking care of yourself and taking care of your family and you don’t know which is more important so you do neither well and how do you even START to figure it out anyway? …

  • Maybe you have a big dream or vision for your life- but you’ve got stuck in the patterns of day to day survival and all your hopes and dreams die a slow death…

  • Maybe you just really blew your top with someone you love and you think it’s irreparable…

When we have so many maybe’s – it is our secret fears which are controlling us- keeping us under high stress – and stopping us from positively moving forward.

Imagine thinking everything was lost because some other ‘bad’ or negative is going on or you’ve made some error- big or small- and you PROMISED yourself that would never happen.

Imagine also that MANY well-meaning people are telling you to buck up because  you do will destroy your life if you keep at it.

Can you even help but go to the dark side if this is the 
perspective or story that you put energy and focus on?

What if you could build an even better life by upgrading those stories and therefore reprogramming your subconscious to NEVER again let those fears control you?

Yes, you can build an incredible future. Let’s start by thinking expansively.

Do Our Circumstances Really Mean All is Lost?

Or could there be something beautiful in the black after the fire? Wouldn’t it be better to change the patterns of a lifetime?

We must start to believe there is better and then create a vision in which there are good things. We can then take action to make that vision come alive. This may mean making some hard choices and doing things completely differently but why not, the alternative sucks right?

Why not learn about how to care for yourself and take action to do so? Why not see what happens when you put in the effort and give yourself some grace? Why not experience the thrill of meeting a challenge and overcoming?

I know it’s hard stuff. There are no lies here… it will be the hardest work you have ever done. Some days you will want to quit because the fears and the pain you are experiencing are no fun at all.

BUT, please don’t quit.  

I Get It.

I was the person who believed all was lost and that I had wrecked it all – health, reputation, my home, my ability to fulfil my dreams. But, I am living proof that a ‘ruined’ life can be remade into something fantastic.

Facing the fears or the mistakes will be the most rewarding work you have ever done. Give your energy to the new identity- the one that says I am strong and able to figure this out.

Moment by moment your hard work will stack up to incredible strengths- the likes of which you can not believe when you look back on your path.

Some questions to mull over to discover what will help you get past your mistakes and the fear of certain disaster…

  1. If I think about this mistake it makes me fearful about my future…

  2. If I believed I could start over and that each day had great possibilities, what is the first thing I would do to start on a better path?

  3. If I dared to think about my dreams for an awesome future, what dream would give me the motivation to keep putting one foot in front of the other?

When you dive in and answer these questions the ‘aha’’s are just going to pop right out for you- which not only is an amazing feeling- it creates an inner energy and vitality because you have clarity of mind.

Now go for it and if you need some awesome help on your road to better health and mental well-being- join our Health Hub (especially for First Responders) for free where you can meet others who are just as determined as you are to kick some ass.

When we focus our energy (time/money/effort) on upgrades and a bright future – we have more courage and this means we will face whatever we need to face! It’s incredibly powerful because you can finally answer this burning question…

What do you still want to be when you grow up?

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