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MOJO. Spark it. Keep it. Magnify it

Do you ever wonder…where oh where did my mojo go? Motivation can seem like a slippery eel. One minute you have it and the next it has slipped away or gone into hiding under a rock.

Not any more! You can have more motivation than you know what to do with- which means you can shoot for that vision you have of incredible health and vitality.

Can you imagine all the possibilities for your life when you feel amazing? And all because you learned how to spark, keep, and magnify your own motivation.

For Starters

Here are some simple ideas for you to consider as you seek to reach your health goals and consider the role motivation has in obtaining your goals.

A) Motivation isn’t a feeling but a belief and a skillset  

B) We can generate and keep motivation with focus and hard work 

C) We can increase our motivation by setting ourselves up for success


Most people start out wanting better health because how they look on the outside doesn’t make them happy. It seems like weight is the easiest place to start…but there are some problems with using weight loss as your primary or only motivator for better health practices.

A Quick Fact

People can and do lose weight on fad diets but follow-up statistics are not encouraging. About 85% of people will lose weight on any diet, but only 15% will keep the weight off after two years. Some people will gain back even more weight than they originally lost. 

People want to lose weight for all kinds of reasons- but the bottom line is a healthy weight tells a bigger story about overall physical and mental well-being and this is the story you must get to if you are going to be successful.

Because when your weight loss fails to last for the long term you will want to give up. You conclude you’ll just end off worse than when you started- so why keep trying (or even start)…?

No one needs to be a statistic, especially you once you know the secrets of motivation. A health mission and lifestyle change takes time and during that time- you will have some real-life events thrown at you.

For instance…COVID (we all know what that has meant in our lives), trauma happens, we become parents, we change jobs, we deal with stress. It is not easy – leading to feelings of overwhelm and defeat– which really sucks right?

Get Past the Suck

Today, you are going to overcome the #1 problem of why people start, falter, and then stop reaching for their goals- weight goals, health goals and life goals.

You’ll have a step by step action plan to never be a negative statistic again. As a result, you will feel even more engaged in reaching for the goals you have set out – and you will be adding to your toolbox of habits and creating long term health success.

Now, think of a specific goal you have and do this quick quiz:

  • Do you need to SPARK your mojo? Intellectually you know what you should be doing but… you are feeling like ‘so what who cares’ and generally feel overwhelmed at the mere thought of what you must do. So you don’t start and go right back to your standard ways of operating.

  • Do you need to KEEP your mojo? You have started with gusto and as you have got into the work you find other things are taking you off track. You can’t seem to stay engaged at the level you started with or with how you want it to be. Basically, you are running out of steam and are contemplating quitting. It feels too hard and messy and you are wondering if all the effort is worth it.

  • Do you need to MAGNIFY your mojo? You are now getting some great results and it feels easy so you are coasting and comfortable with where you are at. Which you think is awesome but… you also feel just the teeniest bit bored or lax and this makes you take your foot off the gas. Sometimes you think ‘what could I do for an encore that would possibly compete with what I have just accomplished?’…so you feel blah.

What’s Next?

Motivation means ‘a reason to take action’ which means you need to start by uncovering your personal ‘reason to take action’. What are the underlying reasons for having the goal you have?

Do you know why it matters so much to you to have excellent health, lose weight or get fit? Have you connected with what it feels like or what life looks like when you are too heavy, unfit, or unhealthy?

What about how you show up at work or at home? Is this being affected by your choices and how you are doing life? Do you feel effective and energized as you go about your day?

If you could look to the end of your life…how do you want it to have turned out or had happened along the way? 

It’s time you answered those questions truthfully so that you can connect with WHY it matters to you to stay in the game. Figure out how to be motivated over the long term because your health matters more than anything, agreed?

Once you know your BIG why you need to detail a plan for yourself to start on your mission, stay in your mission and go the extra mile. You can do this by using the following equations.

If you want to SPARK motivation then use Equation #1

Equation #1 – Vision + Skills + Actions + Beliefs

What is your vision (and big why)? What skills do you need to learn? What actions will you take now? What beliefs do you need to have in order to move forward?

If you want to KEEP motivation then use Equation #2

Equation #2 – Areas of Focus + Time invested + Effort + Prep for Obstacles

What do you need to focus on the most first? What time will you invest in your area of focus? How will you commit and put forth the effort? What can you expect to throw you off and what will you do when those obstacles present themselves?

If you want to MAGNIFY your motivation then use Equation #3

Equation #3 – Bigger Vision + Attitude + Support

What is your next big vision- when you have the health you want, what will you do to raise the level of enjoyment, experience and benefits that can come with fantastic health? What attitudes do you need to have to expand your horizons and health even more? What support do you need- in your environment, from the people in your life, or with how you set yourself up for success- mentally and physically?

Choose the equation you need most and get to work! You’ve GOT this! You’ve got this far and there is no reason you can not go even further. You in?

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Back to Basics

Finally, keep in mind what we discussed at the beginning of this post.

A) Motivation isn’t a feeling but a belief and a skillset  

B) We can generate and keep motivation with focus and hard work 

C) We can increase our motivation by setting ourselves up for success

There it is – our most powerful tool is to build our own motivation by utilizing the formulas and our power of choice- and stop leaving motivation to chance.


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