Optimal Health Program

Habit Lifestyle Medicine is proud to offer a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary lifestyle medicine program to help clients with weight loss, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle optimization.
This program is ideal for those who want guidance from Habit team members including a Nurse Practitioner or Physician, Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist, Health Coach and others.

Each program begins with a thorough assessment (including any medically necessary investigations), with a complete review of health history and risk factors.
With this complete assessment, we create a customized program for each clients that includes:

  • 1-1 and small group coaching sessions focused on developing healthy habits and behavioural change
  • personalized nutrition plan
  • personalized fitness plan
  • regular follow-up with the physician or nurse practitioner to address any arising health concern or risk

Over the course of the program, we do regular reassessments to better understand your progress, and make adjustments to your program.