Revitalize Your Life

Our Restorative Sleep Program is transformative and innovative.

We deliver our program virtually and it’s accessible for any First Responder – no matter where you are in Canada.

We will also address other key areas of health and well-being which create positive and vibrant health.

The restorative sleep model uses the power of coaching to help foster long-term change.

Optimal SLEEP Is Waiting For You…

Stuck and frustrated?

Get out of the rut created from the typical options —sleeping pills and disjointed medical care—together we will get to the real solutions that create truly restful sleep.

Real health issues?

An energy crisis, struggles with weight, or even an unexpected diagnosis have finally shown up. Let’s overhaul your sleep (and lifestyle) so your body can feel vitality alive.

Wondering about the future because you never feel rested?

We can give you the support, tools, habits and guidance you need. We’ve got you.

What’s included? 
  • Sleep assessments – Assess and understand your sleep issues and patterns

  • Personal sleep program

  • Eight one-to-one sessions with your sleep coach

  • Exclusive online community membership to connect with others on the same journey

  • Digital education on sleep and overall health

  • Online tracking for accountability and tracking

Get the care, attention, and personalization you deserve and start experiencing restorative sleep.