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Health and Confidence: Master Your Fears and Failures

More Confidence?

Wouldn’t you LOVE to be able to have even better health and have so much confidence that your fears and failures never keep you stuck again? Here are four things for you to consider as you build your health and confidence. I use these every time I want to feel more confident and take even better care of myself.

  • Be open and create a clear vision for the outcome you want- anything is possible

  • Try new things and take an honest look at where you are at right now

  • Learn from your mistakes and take at least one positive step each day

  • Ask for help because this drastically reduces your learning and speeds up results

Jim Rohn quotes “The formula for disaster is: Could + Should + Won’t.” 

Additionally, if you want to guarantee your failure add on the word because. The word because tells you that you are buying into your own excuses – which is the number one way to give in to your fears and halt your progress.

Let’s eliminate this failure formula so you will be more courageous, more confident, and more motivated than ever.

By the end of this post, you’ll know the four fears that stop you. You’ll have some key questions to use to move yourself from stuck to success. As a result, you’ll feel more confident and will be ready to take action. This will ensure you’ll get the results you want. Sound like a plan?

Before we go any further- let’s talk definitions so we are all super clear about what we are discussing.

Getting Clear On Confidence

Stuck: not seeing a way forward because your thinking and perspective is clogged by hidden fears, old stories, or failures of the past

Confidence: Having a vision and choosing to act on that vision for a future that is BEYOND your present skills, abilities, and circumstances. In other words, it’s the belief that you can learn, take action, and accomplish that which you envision

Success: Engaging fully in something that is meaningful to you and taking purposeful action in the direction you want to go. You define success for yourself- not by someone else’s definition.

Mastering your fears is very powerful and is a huge leap towards the healthy life you want. Outside of physical harm fears- our internal fears are just our brain seeking more comfort and confidence in the face of difficult circumstances.

Hidden fears rule our life only if we let them. Being aware of your four internal fears will give you the confidence to build your health and life and be way more motivated to do so! So let’s talk about the four fears: Rejection, Ruin, Regret, and Responsibility.

Rejection and Responsibility

We all have a deep need to feel valued, respected, and acknowledged. This is core to our being. The problem comes in when we look exclusively to others to feel valued, respected and acknowledged. Furthermore, if we are reluctant to take responsibility for our own experience, choices, and outcomes we sabotage our confidence and get totally stuck.

Ruin and Regret

We all worry that we will screw up and be forever sorry about how our life turns out. Ever rehash your mistakes at 3:00 am over and over? It can sound pretty manic in there – stacking mistakes and bringing up just one more thing to add to your ‘bad’ list…ate the pizza, didn’t exercise, lost my patience, screwed up on paperwork and on and on.

First and foremost you need to cut yourself some slack, offer some understanding and start affirming the ways you do things well to get your psychology in a good place. Your self-respect will leap up.

Let’s focus on your strengths and lean into what you want for yourself in the future – then it’s way easier to make the best choices possible for your health.

Putting it All Together

Owning your downfalls and being open to change in order to create the kind of health picture and life you want…well it’s the only way to take confident action and build your confidence muscles..

Remember, you already are taking steps to be better and more healthy by reading this and by reaching out to learn and grow. You already work your ass off to help others. You already have proven your grit by putting yourself in challenging situations

Change Your Approach

Will you reject yourself or your efforts so easily? I hope not! Will taking such kinds of positive action really lead you to disaster or failure? Absolutely not. Try this way of thinking to raise your confidence…I would know I have won if… (what results will make me happy?)

Stop believing you are milking the system or being lazy when you create a life and take care of yourself and your health!

Remind yourself of the incredible health outcome you want and then look at how you could get there from a new perspective. STOP expecting the approval of others to be where your motivation comes from.

Moving Forward 

Your motivation and confidence come from focusing on the goal + taking the next best step.

Please ask yourself…

If I accepted myself more fully and was less concerned about failing or gaining the approval of others – the thing I would say about myself would be?  What do you need to take responsibility for so you can feel more in control of your outcomes?

Or, could you think in a new way to be more open?

For instance, what if you stopped thinking that failure was forever and that you could win the game of health…then what would you do to move forward?

Imagine if you took this perspective: In order to be understood, respected and valued, you could first offer these to yourself. Then you develop your own success philosophy and let it guide you. It’s your time to stop letting others define success or your philosophy for you.

And NEVER accept others rejection of your health goals or of who you are as an indication you need to reject yourself or what you know deep down is the next best thing for your own life and health.

Your Power Tools

I remember when I had this philosophy in my life:

Rule #1: I am always RIGHT

Rule #2:  When I am wrong see Rule #1.

This philosophy stopped me from growth, from being open, from trying new things, from learning from my mistakes, and from asking for help…which means my life was very unhealthy and my confidence was actually in the tank.

Health and Confidence Await You

Get healthy and check in on the four ideas we started with so you can never let those fears rule you again. These four ideas are your power tools for health and confidence. Use them today and then define your next best action to:

  1. Be more open

  2. Try something new

  3. Learn from your mistakes or failures

  4. Ask for help


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You’ve GOT this. Remember you are already on the path to health and life success and you have the tools to pivot and to plan, so go out there and take your health to the next level!




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