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Exercise Your Way to Better Immune Health

How are Exercising & Immune Health Connected?

Regular exercise is shown to improve immune function and health and have a protective effect when it comes to infection from other viruses (e.g., influenza virus, rhinovirus, herpes viruses). 

Researchers have suggested that this may be because physical activity increases immune “surveillance” in the body, leads to regeneration of immune cells, and reduces baseline inflammation in the body. 

Physical activity can balance out the negative effects that psychological stress, isolation, and confinement can have on the immune system.  

Physical activity may help address other factors that can increase risk, such as being at a higher weight. Additionally, there is some research to suggest that vitamin D levels may increase with physical activity. This is either due to sun exposure from outdoor activity or through changes to body composition. 

Main Point

Including moderate to vigorous levels of physical activity in your week can help support a healthy immune system. It may help counteract risk factors for COVID-19 such as being at a higher weight.


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