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Common Energy Leaks… Get Out Of Your Own Way Today!

Wouldn’t you love more energy? Wouldn’t it feel amazing to be able to bring your energy up when you need it most?

Let’s Meet The Need

The current COVID-19 pandemic is going to tax us in ways we are not prepared for and we are going to need to know how to lower our stress and bring up our energy levels so we can face those challenges.

The truth. We don’t have to buy into the story that energy is finite. It is something we can renew each moment if we choose. We also don’t have to let the pandemic rule how much energy we have.

Yes, we must acknowledge the challenges, the struggles and all the emotions that come with a world event such as this.

Brené Brown addresses acknowledging struggles in her podcast episode of March 19th titled Brené on FFT’s. This is crucial listening for everyone and there is no one like Brené to illuminate the reasons why. Listen to it HERE

Now, let’s get back to our energy.

Yesterday, I felt tapped out and I woke up and wondered how I would do my day. I had given everything I had to my clients, we have been pivoting our business to meet the current crisis, and living life just became a completely different picture than we thought possible.

Hardest of all- our tangible connections have been stressed. We need touch to feel renewed and so having this vital aspect of our lives taken away for who knows how long- well it’s a hard pill to swallow.

Because of the above, I could easily have fallen into the trap. The trap of powerlessness, the trap of inactivity (ie hide in bed), or the trap of accepting that these outside forces could make or break me. That’s the ‘there’s no point’ story…

We can all let the unknowns overwhelm us and make excuses as to why we are frozen in place, complaining, or being snappy. That’s the blame game story…

Then there is the trap of do more, be more, serve more and never take any recovery for ourselves. That’s the old martyr story…

None of those approaches will make your energy better and usually lead to some worse outcomes.

This post will not give you the ‘easy way’ or the ‘secret’ or the how to do x. What I am talking about will require courage, consistency and clarity. So, if you really do want to know how to move forward and build your energy on a moment by moment basis then read on…

  • In the light of our new normal- if you don’t have a routine you need to make one. It must include the bare minimums to keep your immune system strong, your anxiety at levels that can be handled, and give you some feelings of control and achievement.

For instance, in my own life…I ensure I have got the bad energies out- that means daily I must move my body. I stretch and walk hard and fast at the minimum. I keep sugar consumption to almost nil because it will agitate me and lower my immunity. I journal my feelings. I hold a sacred space around my sleep. Lastly, I ensure I am treating others in my home with respect, care and attention.

  • Stop refreshing your social media and news feed every hour and turn off your TV. The constant barrage of noise, negatively, and images will suck you dry and send your levels of anxiety to all new levels.

Yes, check once a day or maybe twice if you must. It is important to be a responsible citizen. For me, I ask myself what is the minimum I need to know to be safe and take care of others. That’s it, otherwise you are voluntarily letting the negatives take over.

My outcomes are clear to me and so even on those days when I don’t want to face it, I know that I want to be a person of courage, inspiration and find the funny or good in things. That means I get out of bed to uplift and serve those who need support. I decide how I show up, I refuse to let external circumstances that I can’t control tell me how I will show up.

I think we can do this and I know we need each other to do this. We can be isolated and under a new regime, but that can not take away our ability to think, care for others, connect, more forward, and aim to be our best.

Join us at Habit Lifestyle Medicine in the movement to care for your mental and physical well being. You are going to need your health like no other time in history. Watch for our 21 Day Power Up Health Challenge to be released next week! It’s going to be FREE and its going to be awesome.

We are going to help you even more with your energy levels by hitting all the key areas that affect that- your nutrition, your movement, your sleep, your resilience, your vision and your connections. With a team like ours behind you- there is no where to go but up!

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