How do I self-isolate safely?

Covid-19 FAQ's

Self-isolation means staying at home (or another similar place where you will not come into contact with others) for up to 14 days in order to avoid spreading the virus to others. 

During self-isolation, you cannot go into work and must avoid all public areas (i.e. grocery stores) as well as public transportation (i.e. taxi, ride-share service, bus) to avoid possibly spreading the virus. If you must leave to seek medical attention, call ahead to inform the clinic and take necessary precautions (i.e. wear a mask, keep a distance from others). 

If you live with others, it may be best for them to stay somewhere else during this period. This is especially true if they are elderly, have an immune-compromised system, or have a chronic health condition. If separate accommodations are not an option, isolate in a room with good airflow that is away from others, use a separate bathroom, and arrange to have food dropped off outside the room or home. 

For more information (including what to do if you develop symptoms), see the BC Centre for Disease Control’s page on Self-Isolation or Healthlink BC’s Self-Isolation and COVID-19 page.

And check out our post on The Do’s & Don’ts of Self-Isolation

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