Co-founder and Director of Coaching

Certified High-Performance Coach™


We are so proud of the team we’ve assembled. We are here to guide, uplift and support you. Learn more about each member of our team below.


BSc, PT, Co-founder and CEO



RHN, Health Concierge


Ph. D. Exercise Physiologist


RHN, Nutritionist


Nurse Practitioner


RHN, Sleep Coach


BSC. P.T., Co-founder and CEO

Lorne Friesen has been involved in various aspects of health and wellness for over 30 years. He graduated from the UBC School of Rehabilitation Medicine with a degree in Physical Therapy in 1988. In addition to being a dedicated clinician, he has also had the opportunity to create and lead several innovative health care organizations and teams.

Lorne is passionate about lifestyle medicine and pro-active, precision health care. Following a diagnosis of cancer, he experienced the good and bad in our health care system, and learned first hand the power of precision lifestyle medicine. His hope is that in the future, lifestyle medicine will be prescribed as regularly as pharmaceuticals.

Lorne feels very thankful for the amazing opportunities we have to enjoy the beauty of Vancouver Island, and loves to hike, ski, paddle or row.


Co-founder and Director of Coaching

Glenda Bennett first started trying to improve her health and mental well-being when she was a little girl and this became a huge focus in her early 20’s following a health crisis and challenging youth. She holds certification in Holistic Nutrition, Herbology, and Esthetics and ran her own esthetics business for a decade.

Finally, her passion for psychology led her to become a Certified High-Performance Coach™. Helping people make changes in their lives and become their very best drives her every day.

When not having big coaching conversations, Glenda loves to hike, paint random pieces of furniture, sit by a fire. Her first word was cheese which just happens to be her favourite food.


Ph. D. Exercise Physiologist

Lindsay comes to Habit Lifestyle Medical with a wide breadth of knowledge and over 20 years in the exercise and wellness industry.

After receiving her Ph.D. in Occupational and Exercise Physiology from the University of Victoria, Lindsay put her education to use in a variety of areas including developing fitness assessments for various physically demanding jobs, creating and expanding an international fitness franchise business and more recently working in the area of mental illness and advocating for exercise as a tool to help combat anxiety and depression.

Lindsay is a Mom to two kids, so life is busy with sports, music and all things Motherhood. She truly loves educating on the benefits of moving your body and believes life is about finding a semblance of off-kilter balance. When Lindsay isn’t writing and creating exercise programs, you’ll find her hiking, jogging, doing yoga and/or eating peanut butter cups.


Nutritionist, RHN

Rejan is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) who is an absolute foodie and passionate about proper nutrition, holistic wellness and sustainability.

She originally became interested in nutrition when struggling with her own health issues, and after learning to heal herself through whole foods, natural supplements, and lifestyle changes – she knew she had to help others with similar afflictions.

Today, Rejan takes pride in educating others on various topics in nutrition and teaching them to become their healthiest selves through consulting, workshops/seminars, blogging, and more.

She also knows that health is so much more than just nutrition, so she strives to bring a holistic approach to healing for her clients and the community.

When she’s not helping clients or recipe creating, you can find Rejan wild foraging mushrooms, practicing food photography, or getting her sweat on at Jazzercise!


Health Concierge, RHN

Caitlin developed a passion for health and wellness at a young age participating in various sports and activities. This led her to an Honours Bachelor in Human Kinetics and then to her B.Ed. in Health and Physical Education, which combined her love for health, physical activity, and education.

Caitlin’s health-focused interests continued to evolve as she experienced both personal health struggles and those of loved ones. She began to explore new solutions and find more meaningful support for herself and those around her. Caitlin decided to go back to school for Natural Nutrition and is now a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

Caitlin is a strong believer in mindful eating, stress perception, and the power of cultivating positive energy. Caitlin incorporates visualization, meditation, and breathing exercises into her daily routine to support her both physically and mentally. Caitlin LOVES food! Her guilty pleasure is a dill pickle dipped in natural peanut butter.


Nurse Practitioner

Ashley began her nursing career working as a staff nurse on an acute medical unit and as a diabetes educator. She decided to return to school and gained a Master’s Degree in Nursing as a Nurse Practitioner. For the last 6 years, Ashley has worked in her community providing primary care services to clients living with complex substance use and mental health issues.
She is passionate about health promotion and disease prevention. She enjoys empowering others to take control of their health and meet their health goals.
Life is busy as Ashley is a mother to four children. When not working or taking care of her kids, Ashley enjoys figure skating, going for walks and reading.


Sleep Coach, RHN

Bryanna has been actively involved in the health and wellness industry for over 10 years and holds a Bachelors degree in Social Science and is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. Bryanna has spent the majority of her career counselling, educating and leading in the private and government sectors to implement change, encourage positive growth and help others be their very best using a holistic approach.

In Bryanna’s downtime, she enjoys the outdoors, reading, heading to the mountains and spending quality time with her family.

Bryanna is passionate about mental health and continually educating herself on the mind/body connection. Bryanna teaches Yoga, Pilates and Zumba. She has a specific fervour for connecting with others in class, teaching relaxation techniques and supporting new moms in her mom & baby yoga classes.