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The Impossible Task of Handling a Health Crisis and How Thinking People Stay In Control

Were you thrown off your health game with COVID-19 and are you wondering how it will go when the 2nd wave hits? It can be nearly impossible to feel like you can take care of your own needs when you are pulled from every possible direction.

Thankfully, there is hope because we have learned so much through the first wave. Now we know what it could look like and feel like and this gives us power and time to put together a plan of action.

What do you need?

Feeling like we have some control- isn’t that what we all want and need when pandemonium is threatening us in a very real and personal way?

Right now, we have an advantage because we have a window of opportunity to be ready for the next round. We have time to put some control mechanisms in place.

What does control look like?

  • Control means we feel like we have a choice and we take responsibility for making the best choice we can.

  • Control means we have the tools to do what is needed at the time we need it.

  • Control means we choose to get out in front of what may come and be ready for it.

Oh Snap…

I was caught off guard by COVID- in fact nearly our whole team was. Denial is what I call it- oh ya, my head was firmly buried in the sand. I was so invested in what I had happening in my own life, that even though the conversation around COVID was being thrown around…I did not take it seriously.

Consequently, I was not ready on so many levels and the pandemic could have threatened to sink me- especially when it came to my physical and mental well-being.

Thankfully, I had experience and skills from my past that I could rely upon and these carried me through the hardest parts – without breaking me.

Panic anyone…

We all saw people who did not handle anything well and panic was bountiful. We all know someone for whom this was true. Heck, we could have even been that person.

What do people who start panicking stop doing? They stop being able to think clearly and make decisions that impact their ability to actually fight the REAL fight. ALL their energy is being utilized in survival.

What really matters…

Then how much is left for the real work? Like saving lives and caring for your own mental well-being and health or your own family?

Right now, there are a lot of rumours flying around such as ‘There won’t be any 2nd wave’ or ‘We are being lied to about the pandemic (ie it’s made up)’. Whether those are true or not is actually irrelevant.

Why do I say that? Because if it is not a pandemic that throws us off our game and starts practices that are detrimental to our health, it will be something else.

So why would we want to sit around and wait to see if the pandemic is coming back? Let’s get out ahead of things and plan for the ‘what if’s’ way before they do happen.

The solution is to start now so we can be ready whenever. Then it doesn’t matter what it is that hits us hard- we can trust our skills and habits. What has become automated saves our asses.

Which means we retain our thinking and thinking straight is a super power.

A thinking person gets ready. They plan for what is going to come down the pipeline and they plan now for what will come ahead.

A thinking person learns, gets the tools they need, and puts the systems in place that they will need.

A thinking person is a beacon of calm in a storm of craziness.

Here’s two big questions to ask yourself:

  1. What do you need to put in place now for your health and well-being so that the ‘2nd wave’ does not take you out? 

  2. What are the best health practices you can make a solid and automated habit now?

The BEST emergency responders are that way because they have trained for what will come. All you have to do is transfer those skills to your own health and you’ll nail it.

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