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Sleep and Nutrition Help in a Pandemic

Check out this post written by our sleep coach- Barbara Bussey.

Boost your immunity and your ability for restorative sleep by ensuring your body’s Vitamin D level is where it needs to be!

How common it is for Canadians (or those living in a northern climate) to be low in Vitamin D is not news anymore… We know this is a natural consequence of too few hours of daylight throughout the long winter months.

A deficiency in Vitamin D can lead to increased susceptibility to infection and a reduction in quality of sleep (which is a further immune system hit).

In this new and surreal housebound reality of COVID-19, topping up Vitamin D is most essential! Far more essential than TP! 😉 To be certain of where your levels are at, ask your family doctor for a Vitamin D test. This is a test of choice so there is a charge for it (if you are over 18- free if you are under 18)… but totally worth it to know your levels.

If you wish to supplement, look for a reputable brand of Vitamin D3 and take 2000-4000 IU every morning (or opposite end from time of sleep). Why is that you ask? Since Vitamin D is inversely related to Melatonin (the sleep hormone), it may disrupt your sleep if taken close to bedtime.

Make sleep a priority and ensure you’re well stocked with Vitamin D (you can get this easily online if you are in isolation)! How many of you are already on the Vitamin D train?!

Get in touch with us if you need or want any further guidance in this important area.

PS As often as you can- get outside and get at least 10 minutes of sunshine on you- this will help your body make Vitamin D or pick yourself up a happy light to have in your home (again you can find these online).

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