RCMP Program

Habit Lifestyle Medicine is proud to offer a fully funded, comprehensive, year-long, multi-disciplinary lifestyle medicine program to help RCMP members with weight loss, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle optimization.

Our program uses a medically supported, team-based approach including a Nurse Practitioner, Dietician/Nutritionist, Sleep Coach, Personal Fitness Trainer and Health Coach.

Each program begins with a comprehensive assessment (including any medically necessary investigations), with a complete review of medical history and risk factors. This is paired with a full nutritional assessment, fitness testing, and health coaching/lifestyle assessment.

With this complete assessment, we create a customized program for each RCMP Member that includes:

  • 1-1 coaching sessions focused on developing healthy habits and behavioural change
  • personalized nutrition plan
  • personalized fitness plan
  • sleep coaching sessions
  • regular follow-up with the physician or nurse practitioner to address any arising health concern or risk

Along the course of the year we do full reassessments to better understand your progress and make adjustments to your program.

RCMP Members with the following are eligible for the program (with full funding)

  • BMI of 30 and over, or
  • A BMI of 27-30 with other risk factors such as high blood pressure, (pre)diabetes, arthritis or other conditions
  • A referral from a family physician, nurse practitioner or medical specialist

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