Keeping you and your co-workers safe

Welcome to our COVID-19 Health Chat. We’re very happy to help you, your team, and your clients stay safe.

The first time logging in, Scout our AI Chatbot, will ask some questions about your underlying health with a focus on factors that can make you more susceptible to getting COVID-19 and/or may increase the severity of COVID-19 symptoms. This Health Assessment will take less than 5 minutes to complete and is optional. After completing the Health Assessment, you will be invited to complete the Fit for Work assessment.  We recommend that you complete the Fit for Work assessment each day prior to arriving at your place of work. It takes just seconds each day to complete.

Participation in the use of the Health Assessment and Fit for Work screening tools is voluntary. These tools are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Our aim is to help guide you to take the right next steps, based on your risk factors and symptoms.  This screening tool is based on guidelines set out by BCCDC.

Your personal health data stays private and safe and won’t be shared. You may be asked to show your results from the screening tool with your supervisor. De-personalized data collected through the assessments may be shared with your employer in aggregate form. This means information on you personally will not be shared. Habit Lifestyle Medicine takes your privacy seriously and will prevent unauthorized access to your personally identifiable data.

Our full privacy policy can be found here.